Content Creation: Prezi on MOOCs

This is the Prezi I created on the topic of MOOCs. I was on a committee which explored and advocate on campus test doing a MOOC for our community, so it is a topic that I have had interest in for a while. It was fun to revisit it after a few years and look at the current state of MOOCs. I learned something new too. I had never heard of cMOOCs and xMOOCs and now I know the difference between connectivism-based MOOCs and traditional classroom model based MOOCs. I took a MOOC from Cousera just to see what the experience was like, and it was definitely an xMOOC.

As for using Prezi, I have used it before, but I don’t use it regularly and wanted to revisit it. It is a little like creating a PowerPoint, but because it is non-linear, it has extra layer of creating a pathway and deciding when to zoom in on content and that takes a lot of extra time. I also think there is a bit of a learning curve in using it, although one you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.

Prezi is particular great for pulling and providing a framework for online resources. I particularly like how easy it is to embed a YouTube video (much easier than PowerPoint) and pull in images. I think it is a great visual medium and maybe a great way to get away from text-heavy presentations. There are definitely opportunities for me integrate Prezi presentations into my teaching. I like that it allows for user interaction of zoom in and out and moving through it in different ways (although I’ve learned that this interactive feature needs to be explained before users view the presentation). I am particularly interested in exploring integrating audio with the presentation. That’s something I will experiment with in the future.


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